take me home


it hurts

feel bad

feel cursed

i want someone to take me home

it’s tiresome going home alone

perhaps i wouldn’t drink so much

with a man to say i’ve had enough

caveman style he drags me off

i shrieking and wailing but secretly chuffed

i would put myself in danger less

with six foot strong of strappingness

and minicab drivers are much less scary

when the back seat’s filled with big and hairy

and perhaps i wouldn’t wake up dressed

with the lights all on and my hair possessed

waking up to a hug and smiling eyes

is preferable to my pillow face in disguise

yes i really must stop going out on my own

on order: one man to take this girl home

the nanny cooked me dinner

she cooked me dinner

this woman i didn’t know

in the kitchen of my friend’s house

the kids were in bed and so…


she was perfectly utterly charming

with this beautiful open smile

she laughed as she mashed

and the oven door crashed

chatting all the while


and i remained there

suspended in air

eating green beans whilst perched on a chair

half giggles half despair

such a bourgeois affair

bruised, bridling, brave

I’m a pioneer. Damn you from there to here

Take a leap of faith. Give me a nice white clean page

I don’t need all that old script from the one who left you in the shit

Your heart is heavy enough in your chest, I ain’t going to trolley bag the rest

It’s always the women who go before, impossible to balance out the score

I’m getting some wings and a pair of skates and I’ll learn to apparate and I’ll show up just in time before she really goes to town and preserve your soul in a jar and your heart in a misty shell which I shall hang from my left ear

I hope the exit is joyful and I hope never to return

I fancy myself as Frida Kahlo

Don’t much fancy the trolley car crash though

And I could really do without the polio

Leaving one leg shorter than the othero


But two marriages to the revolutionary Diego

An affair with Trotsky, fellow pinko

And a dalliance with Josephine Baker Oh!


Cultivator of the infamous monobrow

Endurer of 35 operations wow

Survivor of a lance through the uterus OW!


Only interested in telling her own story

Showed her world of pain in colour and fury

In later life was an amputee

When gangrene forced removal below the knee

A true icon of feminity

I just like the clothes

She dwarfs me

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